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Lincoln Peirce lives with his wife and two children in Portland, Maine.

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After the Tour: Home in Maine!

The good weather that followed me around the country during my book tour isn’t anywhere to be found here in Maine...but that’s okay, because it’s great to be home.  Today I’ve been working on drawings for the back cover of book 2 in the series, Big Nate Strikes Again.  I don’t want to give too much away, but you may recognize one of the characters from your history textbooks!

I also want to thank everyone for reading my blog and to let you know that even though the book tour is over, the blog is NOT!  I’ll continue to post new entries several times a week to give you all the latest Big Nate news.  And of course I’ll continue to include the names of real-life kids — like the very first children here in Maine (besides my own) to read Big Nate: In A Class by Himself.  Their names are Joe and Lincoln.  Lincoln is my godson.  

And here’s one more name:  I heard from Joonun, one of the kids who came to see me at Barnes & Noble in El Cerrito, California.  He sent some pictures of the two of us while I signed his book.  Thanks, Joonun!  Great to hear from you!

That’s all for now.  So long until my next entry!

Wed, 04/28/2010

On Tour: The Last Day

I'm already excited about my next trip to Austin, Texas.  Topher, Megan, Amanda and Mandy from the fantastic bookstore, Book People, have done an amazing job of spreading the word about BIG NATE and we are hoping I can come back soon to do some more cartooning and storytelling with the kids in Austin.


All 3 groups, and they were BIG groups at Baranoff Elementary School were awesome!  The librarian, Diane Juneau, has taught the kids to pay attention to all parts of the book, so they definitely noticed the special endpapers included in BIG NATE: IN A CLASS BY HIMSELF.  A lot of kids helped me out, A LOT -- Alex, Zoe, and Cullen, to name just a few.  But special thanks go to Angie, who REALLY knows her comics!


Book People ordered a few dozen Big Nate t-shirts for the kids at St. Andrew's Episcpal School, perfect for the hot weather in Austin.


This was the very last step of my book tour and what a great way to end it!  Congratulations and thanks to Pace, Megan, Zoe, Jack, Chloe and Sam.


And now, home to MAINE!

Thu, 04/22/2010

On Tour: Day Eleven

What a great turn-out we had at the Barnes & Noble El Cerrito.  I got to see kids I had met earlier, twice in one day!  And I was delighted to sign books for them!


The Almaden Country School in San Jose wins the prize for the Big Nate poster contest.  Librarian Shannon Williams, along with some very talented students created several beautiful posters to welcome me, including one declaring that BIG NATE IS DESTINED FOR GREATNESS.  The kids came prepared, especially Kayra, who had a sketchbook full of questions he wanted to ask.  I was also impressed with the enthusiasm of Natalie, Alisha, Michael, Ashley, Brooke and Kunaal.  I forgot to give away my Big Nate t-shirts so the school will be raffling them off.  GOOD LUCK, EVERYBODY!


At Fammatre Charter School, I met several experienced poptropicans, who are VERY familiar with Big Nate island.  But, they were not familiar with some of the characters they will soon discover in BIG NATE: IN A CLASS BY HIMSELF, characters such as Coach John, Mr. Galvin and the obnoxious Randy Betancourt.  To Gabreel, Darcy, Hawa and Dylan, thanks for doing such a terrific job today as my helpers and keep on drawing those comics!  A big thank you to all the nice folks at  Hicklebee’s for arranging all my wonderful school visits in the San Francisco area. 


Tomorrow, I’ll be writing from TEXAS, the Lone Star State!

Wed, 04/21/2010

On Tour: Day Ten in San Francisco

My appearance at Ocean View Elementary School was a surprise for the kids.  When they walked into their classrooms to start the day, they had no idea they'd spend part of the morning drawing and talking about BIG NATE.  Most of them hadn't seen the book yet but are now planning to order it at their upcoming school bookfair.  Their classroom was fun.  Instead of chairs, they sit on giant rubber balls.  I tried to imagine Mrs. Godfrey teaching a class where the seats were bouncing balls.  A BIG thank you to Ocean View's comics experts, Jordan, Harry and Luke!

At Madera Elementary School, the surprise was on ME!  I was expecting a group of 50 students but ended up speaking to over 100 kids.  Fortunately, the school gave me a document projector, which was very, very high tech for me.  It enabled all the kids to see what I was doing and to follow along with my special assistants, Issac and Ava.

Tue, 04/20/2010

On Tour: Day Nine

Just like Big Nate, I like to make lists.  Here are the highlights from my visit to the Barnes & Noble in Huntington Beach, California.

1.  I met Mark, a dad who rode his motorcycle to get a book signed for ...
2.  ...his 9 and a half year old son, Tyler, how has already read my BIG NATE book FOUR TIMES!
3.  Drew, the fan who came RACING over to the signing area when she realized I was actually IN the store
4.  Meeting Richard, who heard my radio show, WMPG when he was in Maine.  Richard  came to Barnes & Noble because he thought I had written a book about country music.  Now he knows all about BIG NATE.
5.  This is the BIGGEST Barnes & Noble I have EVER been in.  Perfect for the person who created Big Nate, a character who likes to think BIG.

Next, I'll be writing from San Francisco!

Sun, 04/18/2010

On Tour: Day Eight in California

I had a whale of a time in Southern California, thanks to the Whale of a Tale bookstore, which hosted me during my visit to three local schools. The kids at Bonita Canyon Elementary School decided to name the character I drew on the white board. They called him, "Bob." Poor Bob got hit on the head with a baseball bat. But the real life students had a great time. Thanks to Avery, Harvey and all the future cartoonists!

Delaney was my special helper at Newport Coast Elementary School. She didn't get stagefright even though this was the biggest group I've visited yet. I want to thank all the kids for their attention and enthusiasm.

At Andersen Elementary School, a beautiful handmade poster of Big Nate met me as I walked in the door. Devan did a fine job of helping me demonstrate some cartooning tricks. A lot of Andersen students had already read BIG NATE: IN A CLASS BY HIMSELF. And the others will check it out over the weekend. Happy Reading!

Sat, 04/17/2010

On Tour: Day Seven

Maybe I'll meet some Big Nate fans on the plane, today. I'm flying to California!

Fri, 04/16/2010

On Tour: Day Six

I love Illinois! Today at Naper Elementary School, I spent an hour with the entire fifth grade. The students really know their comics, especially Caleb, whose specialty is designing bookmarks for his classmates. A special thanks to Sean, Sam, Shelby and Tyler.


Books, Boys and Bologna! That's librarian, Nan Phillips' name for a regular lunchtime gathering at Hoover-Wood Elementary School in Batavia. I met many aspiring cartoonists like Karon, Vrayden, Elizabeth and Aasha. Several of the kids asked for tips on how to beat Big Nate Island on poptropica. But I had no idea!


Tonight, I was on TV with Becky Anderson, who asked me some very smart questions -- just like the ones I'm getting from the students I've met. The turn-out at Anderson's was AMAZING. Thank you, Becky and Jan for giving me such a warm welcome.

Thu, 04/15/2010

On Tour: Day Five in Illinois

I wish I’d been as smart when I was in the fourth grade as the students at May Watts Elementary School in Naperville, IL. They already knew A LOT about Big Nate and even more about cartooning – like what a speech bubble drawn with a dotted line means. James came up with that answer and I was impressed with how much Zainab, Jakob, Megan, Zack, Desiree and Annelisa knew, too.

The afternoon sessions were on the short side but that was okay because the kids at Bower Elementary School in Warrenville, IL were such fast learners. They loved playing the Scribble game and some of them can already draw Big Nate like pros. Thank you, Jake, Iros, Cara, Kyle, Sarah, Hunter and Rachel for helping me out, today. You guys ROCK, just like Big Nate!

Wed, 04/14/2010

On Tour: Day Four in North Carolina

I was warned before my school visit in Charlotte, North Carolina that today was the kids’ first day back from vacation…so they might be a little crazy. But the students at Dilworth Elementary School and Highland Renaissance Academy were, as Big Nate would say, “AWESOME!”

At Dilworth, Theresa and Tyniya were great helpers. Julian and Courtney both got Big Nate t-shirts. Other stand-outs were Taylor, Jack, Seth and Otto. (Otto’s notebook looked just like Big Nate’s – full of doodles).

At Highland Renaissance Academy, the students were very interested to learn about the connection between Big Nate and Wimpy Kid. And I told them a bit about my friendship with Jeff Kinney. Thanks to Sean, Rayshard and all the kids for a great afternoon.


P.S. Being on tour is FUN. I’m having a great time!

Tue, 04/13/2010